7 Essential Wine Gifts for the Wine Lover

It can be a challenge finding just the right wine gift for our wino friends. To help you find the perfect wine gift for the wine aficionados in your life, here are our top 7 wine gifts:

Wine Reading

Wine lovers will love a good book about wine to read up on their favorite drink of choice. They can even enjoy a glass while reading their new gift!


Good wines need time to “breathe” before they are enjoyed. This means allowing air to interact with the wine, a process called aeration. An aerator allows you to aerate only the wine you need as you pour it, glass by glass. Simple, easy and won’t take up any cupboard space!

Personalized Decanter & Glassware

Have a decanter engraved with your friends’ initials and add a set of wine or cocktail glasses to go along with it.

Wine Gift Card

What’s better than getting a bottle of wine? Getting to choose your own with a gift card to D’Vine Gourmet! Stop in our Chandler store or you can purchase a gift card online.

Wine Wars! A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes

Wine Wars! Is a fun trivia game to break out at parties and sure to entertain and test their knowledge of wine.

Cheese Server Set

What goes great with wine? Cheese! A cheese serving set is both unique and useful.

Table Top Wine Cooler

The wine cooler traps a thin volume of air around the wine bottle that is quickly chilled and then acts as an insulator keeping the bottle—and wine—cool. Convenient and useful, any wine enthusiast will love avoiding repeated trips to the fridge during dinner.

Find unique wine gifts at D’Vine Gourmet today!